Create your own API key here!
In order to receive your API Key, you must authorize with your Steam account. By doing so, you agree to follow these rules:
 1) Don't share your API Key with anyone (using it on different accounts, but on the same network is allowed)
 2) Don't post courses with offensive content (name, map, block placement, whatever).
 3) Don't upload garbage courses with intent to spam.
Failure to obide by these rules will result in your API Key and SteamID being blacklisted.

As for us, we promise to:
 1) Never disclose a person's location, IP or any other private data they might share with us in the future.
 2) Store only the necessary data. Currently, we store only 2 last IPs that used the API Key and wipe them every 3 hours,
SteamID and Steam username used to create the API Key.
Coperight @ Jonny_Bro & rlx 2077
Full source code available here!